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School council meeting on 1-2-17

Jordon, Callum, Ryan, Levi, Jack, Jez, George, Nicki M, Naomi, and Emma N

Megan, Jasmine and Katie

Jez talked about a camping trip for pupils. Levi said he would want to
go with his parents so it was discussed that Hedgehogs and Otter
maybe too young. But the older pupils might like an overnight
camping trip with a camp fire and marshmallows.

Action: Jez and Jack to speak to Nicki

Two ladies visited from Herefordshire council and talked to the
council about things that happen or that are not happening in
Herefordshire for them outside of school, such as youth clubs and
sports clubs.
The school council talked about the road traffic at Westfield school
entrance and how dangerous it can be during busy times of the day.
Two letters were given to the ladies to take back to the
Herefordshire council about changes that could help Westfield
pupils when leaving and arriving at school.

Action: Herefordshire council

The ladies asked to visit again to talk to the council to talk about
Education, Health and Care Plans and what we think of them.
Emma told the council that Woodpecker class are doing a sponsored
silence to fundraise for a piece of equipment. She asked the school
council to do a fundraising event too. It was agreed this would be
discussed at the next meeting.
The ladies form Herefordshire council offered Woodpecker class to
hold a cake sale at Plough Lane offices to raise money for the piece
of equipment too.

Action: Emma to organise with Woodpecker class.

Callum to order football goal net to go onto the football goal Jo B
kindly donated to the school.

Action: Callum to order football goal net

Next meeting on: 29th March 2017

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