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School Council

Our school council consists of pupils from key stages 2, 3, and 4; each class vote for their new class representatives each year

All classes are involved in voting for the key roles and responsibilities of the members of the school council.


The school council members meet regularly to discuss issues which affect our pupils and plan activities and event throughout the school year.   

School Council Members

2017 – 2018

Chairperson- William May

Deputy Chairperson- Dave McGranaghan
Secretary- Archie Palmer
Treasurer- Kiran Danby

Class represntatives:

Hedgehog Class - Tammy, Kaiden
Otter Class - Archie, George
Fox Class - Aaron, Jasmine
Robin Class - Will, Jez
Woodpecker Class - Robert, Dave
Sixth Form- Archie, Kiran

supported by:

Sarah O'Flaherty (Trainee Teacher)

Kath Tisdale (Teaching Assistant)


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