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Westfield Topic Overview

Each term we provide an overview of the coverage for the parents. Please view the Generic Topic Overview to see the kind of information we include.

Generic Topic Overview

To read the detailed overview for each class please go the individual class page to access the current topic plan.

We devised a topic overview for different academic year. The long term overview has a four year cycle to ensure the students receive a broad and varied curriculum.

Long Term Curriculum Plan

Westfield School is all through age school that caters for different ages as well as abilities. Please click on the Westfield Curriculum Model to see different curricula, approaches and assessment methods used throughout the school.

Westfield Core Curriculum is split into steps based on the EYFS, National Curriculum and Adult Curriculum. 

Each programme of study for Reading, Writing and Maths has clearly identified components:


-statutory requirements in bold, suggested steps in faint, Adult curriculum in green

Westfield English Programme of Study


Supporting documents:

English Apendix 1 and 2

Common Exception Word List 1

Common Exception Word List 2


Westfield Maths Programmes of Study




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