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Miss Chloe Harris

About Robin Class

Robin Class welcome you to their page and hope you enjoy looking at some of their exciting activities in the photo gallery at the bottom of this page.


Robin Class caters for pupils in KS3. Pupils are taught following the guidelines of the National Curriculum, which is tailored to their individual needs. Some pupils may access visual timetables, schedules and TEACCH approach workstations to support them in their learning journey.

Literacy lessons cover a range of genres from fictional texts, poetry and non-fiction; focusing on developing their reading, speaking and listening and writing skills. This includes language of instructions, non-chronological reports and recounts; in addition, the opportunity to retell, adapt and add detail to their own story writing. Pupils have regular practise for reading and writing high-frequency words, letter formation, spellings and phonic sessions.  Pupils are also involved in guided reading sessions where they use their phonics skills to decode, as well as opportunities to discuss texts and carry out comprehension activities.

Maths lessons focus on using all four operations in practical situations and theory to develop their knowledge and skills in number; including number recognition, place value and patterns within numbers, as well, as measurement lessons involving the basic understanding of time, weight, capacity, length, temperature. Pupils also learn the value of coins, use money focusing on shopping to buy items, and receive change. In addition to this, our numeracy learning will involve shapes patterns and angles.

All foundation subjects are taught based on the school termly theme where the learning is pinned around a key question posed at the beginning of a term; this makes the learning purposeful, practical and engaging for the pupils in the class. Pupils learn scientific enquiry through practical experiments and observation. Pupils are encouraged to be independent in their learning by asking questions, selecting their materials and exploring the world around them in a safe and a stimulating environment.

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) is important part of daily life in Robin Class. Pupils are encouraged to be as independent as possible, taking an active role in decision making and caring for Robin class pets, Poppy and Amy our two guinea pigs. As part of our broad curriculum, pupils will also participate in weekly PSHE Lessons. Pupils take part in the discussions about making informed choices and the consequences associated with those, whilst developing their understanding of their own and others feelings and emotions.

In addition, pupils take part in lessons of physical education (PE) and attend termly swimming lessons and Martial Art Fitness sessions at a local fitness Centre. Pupils use the community to support their learning including regular visits to the library, shopping for ingredients for cooking or visiting other places of interest. Pupils also learn key skills in food technology, using cooking utensils and prepare delicious meals to take home and share with their families.



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