Fox Class Wrap up Celebrations!

Fox class have really loved this term’s topic ‘Celebrations’. They have taken part in learning about Kodomo No Hi, Summer and Winter Solstice, Diwali, Halloween, Birthdays and many more. Each focused celebration has been like a whole new reason to jump around and have fun!
Now, as we near the end of term and finish our topic learning – the most glittery and wide world celebration is fast approaching, and what better way to wrap it up than with a visit from the widely travelled man in the big red suit! My goodness, when Father Christmas strolled into assembly this week to surprise his (and I quote) “favourite school in the world!” the whole room erupted with cheers and excitement. It was, quite simply – MAGICAL!

After his initial visit, Father Christmas then visited each class, had a lovely chat with each and every person, and then, because everyone was on his good list, he gifted them a book made by his very own elves! Many, many smiles were etched on faces for a very long time.

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