Otter Class News

Otter students have been accessing our local community to shop for Class Food Technology ingredients. They have used photos and symbols on shopping lists to identify items they need to buy in the shop. It is always good to get out and about when the weather allows us, as we always enjoy exploring the sights and sounds of Leominster.

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A wheelie big success!

We would like to share this amazing achievement made by one of our families for their son to have an adapted bike so that he can continue to enjoy an active life in our lovely countryside.

Year 14 Next Steps

The year 14 students have been visiting colleges to see what they’d like to do when they leave us.

Fox Class Wrap up Celebrations!

Fox class have really loved this term’s topic ‘Celebrations’. They have taken part in learning about Kodomo No Hi, Summer and Winter Solstice, Diwali, Halloween,