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School Governors

Head Teacher: Ms Nicki Gilbert
Chair: Mr Eric Williams


Parent: Mr Andrew James, Mr Steve Wall, Mr Eric Williams
Staff Representative: 
Mrs Sam Bell
Co-opted Governor

Mr Richard Binnersley, Mrs Ceri Hibbert, Mr John Hatton, Mrs Ann Hatton


Information on the current governors link here.

If you would like to see the declaration of interest please make a request to view from the school business manager at the school offfice.  

There are two Co-opted Governors vacancies if interested please contact the Head Teacher or Chair of Governors.

Governors meet each term with there being a Full Governors Board meeting and three Committee Meetings.

The Committees are:

  • Curriculum and Achievement - Chair, Mrs Ceri Hibbert                    

              see link Terms of Reference for Curriculum Achievment Committee 

  • Resources- Chair, Richard Binnersley

              see link Terms of Reference for Resources Committee

  • Children, Families and Community- Chair, Andy James

              see link Terms of Reference for Children, Families and Community



Why Not become a School Governor?


If you match the following description, you could be the very person to become a parent governor.  Everyone has something to offer and we want people from as many backgrounds and interests as possible.


  • Currently has a child or children in our school
  • Has an open and enquiring mind
  • Shows a willingness to listen and make informed judgements
  • Is able to work well with others
  • Is interested in education generally and our school in particular
  • Has a desire to play a part in improving our school
  • Is willing to attend meetings and training


What can being a School Governor Offer






  • An insight into the wider perspective of the school through long-term planning
  • A chance to develop skills in strategic management
  • The opportunity to work with our team of governors and staff in improving our school
  • Training to develop an understanding of specific school management issues
  • The support and assistance of local and county staff
  • A sense of achievement in making a difference to our school
  • The pleasure of seeing children learning


The governing body of our school is responsible for:


  • Ensuring that pupils receive high quality education and that the conduct of the school reflects this aim
  • Working with the Head-Teacher on the strategic planning and management of the school
  • Considering and agreeing the aims and policies of the school
  • Discussing and approving the targets for improvement
  • Appointing the staff
  • Setting and monitoring the budget
  • Monitoring the performance of the school
  • Reporting to the parents and community on how we have accomplished our tasks


Governors can make a real difference to the performance of the school and have a real part to play in making the school successful.  If you are interested in joining us to help improve education for the children in this school please contact the Head-Teacher.


Nicki Gilbert


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