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School Staff


Nicki Gilbert


Deputy Headteacher and 6th Form Teacher (Y11 - Y14)

Julie Newcombe


Senior Instructor 6th Form

Sam Bell


Woodpecker Class Teacher (Y9 - Y11)

Chloe Harris


Robin Class Teacher (Y7 - Y9)

Emma Norman


Otter Class Teacher (Y3-Y7)

Emma Adamson


Hedgehog Class Teacher (Nursery and Reception - Y2)

Sue Pates


Early Years Instructor

Zoe Williams


Fox Class Teacher (Complex Needs and Autism)

Claire Broderick


School Sports Co-ordinator

Jo Binnersley


Pupil & Student Wellbeing Lead

Val Jacks


Hayley Rowley

Jemma Kuegler


School Business Manager

Emma Jenkins 

Teaching Assistants

Tracey Austin, Rachel Brown, Kirsty Baker, Chloe Bithell, Dee Cartwright, Claire Coleman, Nikki Deacon, Fatima Elftouh, Alice Friery, Elena Goosey, Zoe Hare, Kirsty Hayward, Chris Jones, Cara Lewis, Simon Lewis, Nicky Lloyd, Sharon Miles, Sam Mills, Edie Morgan, Emma Moule, Kate Newby, Sheena Palmer, Pippa Morris, Jennie Rees, Rachael Reno, Kath Tisdale, Holly Tremayne, Sarah Watton, Gemma Williams, Zoe Williams, Claire Winney.    

Apprentice TA Harriet Gurney

School Care Taker  Barry Cartwright


Lunchtime Staff

Kitchen Assistant

Angela Smith

Children's Superintendents

Mary Barnett, Sam Davis, Carol Fletcher, Mary Jenkins, Tracey Austin, Steve Jacks, Jinty Panniers


Visiting Professionals

Play Therapist Hatty Antink

Music Therapist Annie Summers

Speech Therapist Becky Fortnam

Physio Therapist Beth Curry

School Nurse Helen Hollister


Nicki Gilbert


Westfield School,

Ryelands Road,






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