A wheelie big success!

We would like to share this amazing achievement made by one of our families for their son to have an adapted bike so that he can continue to enjoy an active life in our lovely countryside.

Lucas is a student in Fox class. He loves being active and going on cycling adventures with his family. Lucas has epilepsy which has had significant and increasing impact on his ability to     engage and maintain or learn new skills. In recent years the impact from his seizures has caused him to lose previous skills and understanding , and as such his ability to access favourite activities safely also began to decrease. One such favoured pastime was going cycling with his Dad and Stepmum, riding on the back of his dad’s tandem bike. However, Lucas has grown fast and he is no longer safe to travel in this way as his understanding of risk decreases, and his desire to stand and look around his dad increases. The family tried lots of different adaptive bikes, all of which came with a hefty price tag, with the most appropriate one coming in at a whopping cost of £8000!!! YEOWCH!

Lucas’ family set out on a mission to raise the cash through selling homemade chutneys and jellies, his stepmum cycling the boundary of Herefordshire between Christmas and New Year – a whopping 156 miles! With this, raffles for prizes  donated by local businesses, and some amazing cash        donations from clients, donors and charities, Lucas and his family ordered a bespoke made-to-order bike, and even managed to build a new shed in which to store it safely.

Lucas has now taken ownership of his new bike and has LOVED being able to re-engage with one of his favourite   activities, front-and-centre of each ride. He is now able to experience riding as it should be, including loud bell for all to hear !!

We love a good news story!!

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